Genç Paint & Varnish

Kayalar Kimya launched Genç brand soon after its incorporation and the brand is one of the world’s leading brands in furniture paints and varnish production sector. High-Tech Genç branded products can be used on any wood surface.

Kayalar Kimya started producing architectural paints with the German paint brand Düfa and it is now the sole owner of Düfa brand in Turkey since it acquired all rights of the partnership in 2009. Düfa gave a novel touch to the market with “Master of Paint” motto and its quality made a difference.

Woodsol is the newest brand of Kayalar Kimya that is brought into the sector in 2016 in the field of waterbased exterior wooden paints and varnishes. Extending the useful life of wooden materials with minimum maintenance activities, Woodsol offers esthetic and strength at the same time. Woodsol products, that are harmless to human and nature are compatible with the European Union VOC limit values.
Kayalar Noroo

In 2012, Kayalar Kimya established a strategic partnership with Noroo Paint, second leading paint manufacturer company in South Korea, and started producing industrial paints with Genç Noroo brand.
Kayalar Raw Material

Kayalar Raw Material, established in 1996, is one of the top Turkish companies supplying raw materials in several sectors from foodstuff to textile, automotive to pharmaceuticals.